Choosing the right diamond can seem a little intimidating for you the consumer. At Skatells we educate you on the four C’s showing you the difference between diamonds while viewing under a microscope just as if you were in the GIA laboratory. Our staff of Graduate Gemologists and GIA certified diamonds graders are here to help you with any questions you may have. Everyone wants the best diamond and best value so let us help you do that. At Skatells we guarantee the lowest Prices on GIA and EGL certified diamonds.

The four C’s are as follows:

Clarity: refers to the number and types of inclusions internal to the diamond. The fewer the inclusions the more rare and valuable the diamond is. The scale ranges from I (imperfect), SI (slightly imperfect),  VS (very slight imperfections),  VVS (very very slight imperfections) to Flawless.

Color: Diamonds occur in every color of the spectrum. While yellows and browns are the most common. The rarest is the diamond that is colorless. The scale for color ranges from colorless D to Z.

Carat Weight: This is simply a measurement using an electronic scale. A one carat diamond weighs 100 points or 1.00 carats, a half carat diamond weighs 50 points or .50 carats.

Cut: Also known as symmetry of the diamond, is the most important aspect of the diamond. As the cut determines how much brilliance , fire , scintillation and how beautiful the diamond will be. A diamond with little or no brilliance holds little or no value.

Certificate, sometimes referred to as the fifth C is something that must be considered. Not all certificates are accurate. This is where you need an experienced GIA certifed diamond grader to help you. At Skatells we have graded thousands of diamonds and are experts in the diamond industry.